Smoke Shop & Vapor Displays

Customer: we would like to display our CBD on a acrylic display stand. we wnat the display to be 5 acrss and 4-5 deep. we have 5 flavors. do you have any idea on that?
Billionways: hello, we have design one similar item for one of our custom, here is the picture and size, please check if you like it.

Customer: we need a better design, becuase we would like CBD boxes are dust free, need a cover. maybe a clear acrylic cover? we just have this idea in mind, will you help us to update the design? thanks.
Billionways: OK, according to your description, we have an idea of that, please check if you like it.

Customer: It is much better, i will send your artworks, will you please add our artworks on it and make some more mock up pictures. then we will know if it looks good.
Billionways: no problem, send it our email, and we will make the mock up pictures.

Customer: It is just what we want to have? then move on and make PI for samples, we need 300pcs as a start. thanks.
Billionways: here is the sample, we do not have your products sample, so we put one item inside just to show. please check.

Customer: It looks great. please send the sample to us by DHL, will send you email with details of our contact info.